Rev. Charles Alfred Barry
1862 - 1930

Whilst digging deeper into the Barrys of Whitby and following Rev ROBERT BARRYS elder brother, Rev JOHN BARRY (1819-1859) vicar of Great Smeaton, Yorkshire we find his eldest daughter, LOUISA DOROTHY BARRY (1852-1951) married a Captain MERVYN DUNNINGTON-JEFFERSON - Louisa and Meryn's eldest son, Lt.-Col, SIR JOHN ALEXANDER DUNNINGTON-JEFFERSON, 1st Baronet, married in 1938 to FRANCES ISOBEL CAPE, daughter of Colonel HERBERT ANDERSON CAPE, DSO - together they had one daughter, ROSMARY NICOLETTE, (NICKY) and a son MERVYN STEWART, Mervyn succeeded his father in the baronetcy - The Dunnington family had been landowners in the East Riding from the 17th century and had an estate centered on Thorganby and West Cottingwith. JOHN DUNNINGTON-JEFFERSON inherited the family estates from his childless uncle in 1928.

It is through the enthusiasm and generosity of Miss NICKY DUNNINGTON-JEFFERSON we have a rear opportunity to copy some of the Barry family items - As well are pictures the archive also contained some hand written letters, plus a 'Red Exercise' book documenting an incredible amount of family pedigree going back to the 1100,s. The book and letters (dated 1927-1929) were from a Rev CHARLES ALFRED BARRY (1862-1930) late vicar of St Luke's Church Clifford, Yorkshire.

It appears the first interest was through EMILY (MIMMIE) EUPETORIA BARRY (1854-1936) the second daughter of the Rev JOHN BARRY it then continued on with ISOBEL, LADY DUNNINGTON-JEFFERSON - All the documents have been transcribed and listed below. It is clear the Rev CHARLES has done a lot of in-depth research which to date sadly is not possible to confirm one way or the other however, Rev CHARLES'S work has been transcribed below virtually as he has written it - if you have any comments please get in touch.

Ray Taylor -



1927: Dec 7th

To: Miss Barry – We assume this to be Emily (Mimmie) Eupetoria Barry
From: Revd Charles Alfred Barry - High Street, Boston Spa, Yorkshire

Dear Miss Barry
Since you tell me that your sister Mrs Dunnington-Jefferson takes an interest in such things, I have pleasure in sending the notes over-page for her. If they contain anything of any interest to yourself my pleasure will be increased, as it is by adding my good wishes for a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Yours sincerely
Charles Alfred Barry

I fervently hope that I have not bored you with this stuff before: - I think not, but my memory begins to play me trick sometimes.

Transcript of Family Pedigree:

Ralph Barre =

Of Torlaston, Notts 1139 *[1]
Richard Barri = Beatrix  
Ralph B =  
Ralph B =  
Richard B =  
John B = Matilda  
Richard B  
John B = Amicia A Knight of the Shire for Notts 1326 - 1341
Roger B = Chivalier
Robert B = Elizabeth Knight
Edmund B = Seal bore “three bars crenelle Armiger
Hugh B – died 1506  
Thomas B = ? – died 1527 leaving a son and heir John B (died 1546) - Will
Pedigree as given in documented portion Thordon, Notts Vol 1 to here.  
William B – Jennett Will 1547, Snainton Pickering-lithe
The undocumented portion needs correction: William B. being it would seem a brother of John B, and not a son as conjectured, - which led to errors  
Thomas or possibly William B =  
William B = [1] Elizabeth Stuntington? - [2] Joan  
Above - My own family descend from a Richard B grandson of this William B.  
William b left 5 sons – Will 1618 John, Stuntington, Robert, Simon by 1st wife Francis* by 2nd wife

I believe, a Robert Barry (died 1696) (= Ann unknown) a son of one of the above sons of William Barry whose surviving son of Robert born 1684 (had three sisters, Ann, Mary and Elizabeth) – Will prove to have died at Guisborough and to have been father to John Barry (died 1759/60) = Elizabeth there, probably the parents of Robert Barry = Dorothy Easterby (born 1718/19).
Will link your family to the above Pedigree.

* I may add that Francis is a characterise Christian Name with the Barrys of Snainton in time past.]
The Simon was apparently, named after Simon Blakey who married a sister of Stephen Tempest (of Broughton.)

* [1]


1927: Dec 27th

To: Mrs J D Dunnington Jefferson – 19 Iverna Gardens, Kensington, London W8
From: Rev Charles Alfred Barry - High Street, Boston Spa, Yorkshire.

Dear Mrs Dunnington-Jefferson.
Please do not trouble to acknowledge the little note than I append only because it may have some possible interest for you – Yours vey truly Charles Alfred Barry

(The surname of ”Barrè” is from La Barrè in the Cotenin)

The Surname “Barrè” or Barry, North of the Wash before 1600

The surname of Barry (originally Barre) is of very local occurrence being confined for long to Nottinghamshire, but extending later into Yorkshire. The instances, probably all attach to one stock, settled by 1139 in Nottinghamshire but extending later into Yorkshire. The instances, probably, all attach to one stock, settled by 1139 in Nottinghamshire, at Teversal, and Torlaston (the present Tollerton), the Teversal branch apparently the senior. This Teversal branch adopted the form of Barry as that of their surname, earlier and more uniformly than the other.

It is probable that one or two Barry families found in Yorkshire before the close of the 15th century (and, apparently, posing with it) sprang from the Teversal Barry’s.

The Barre (or later, Barry) families at Snainton and Hersle in the first half of the 16th century on the other hand, probably both connected directly with the family at Torlaston, Notts.

The fashion of spelling “Barry” as if “Barrè” (i.e. with an acute accent), seems to have been of late Iris origin).


1928: Oct 23rd

To: Mrs J D Dunnington Jefferson
From: Rev Charles Alfred Barry - High Street, Boston Spa, Yorkshire.

Dear Mrs Dunnington Jefferson.
I think it is doubtful whether there was the connection between the William Barry of Snainton, Yorkshire, and the Thomas Barry of Tollerton, Notts that I set out in the Pedigree you received from me a while ago.
The point in the “Barry of Torlaston” pedigree as given in Thorston’s Notts, that seemed cleared up by a connection of the kind, seems capable of another solution.
An old friend and fellow-curate of mine has been busy with research in connection with the parish of Tollerton of which he is a former rector; - I have been in correspondence with him – hence this not.

It seems that there was a curious duplication of names in Yorkshire and at Tollerton at the same time.
So it is best to start with the Barry’s at Snainton – he unearthed in Henry VII reign; and leave it at that for future researches. - Yours truly - Charles Alfred Barry


1928: Nov 4th

To: Mrs J D Dunnington Jefferson.
From: Rev Charles Alfred Barry - High Street, Boston Spa, Yorkshire.

Dear Mrs Dunnington Jefferson,

The obscurity in the Pedigree of the Barrys at Torlaston is gone.
If the Pedigree I sent you is corrected thus –

Hugh Barry, (died 1506) had a son and heir Thomas at Torlaston
William Barry (Will 1547) at Snainton Pickering-lithe Yorkshire

All the rest remains as before
Your truly - Charles Alfred Barry

It seems that the Barrys at Torlaston originated from Barry island of Cardiff and NOT from the Cotentin.


1928: Nov 8th

To: Mrs L D Dunnington Jefferson – 19 Iverna Gardens, Kensington W8
From: Revd Charles Alfred Barry – High Street, Boston Spa, Yorkshire

Dear Mrs Dunnington Jefferson

Thank you for your kind letter.
My anxiety to keep you informed up to date, and my fear of boring you, must be my apology for the rapid succession of confusing bulletins that you have endured so patiently, and that patience encourages me to try whether I cannot put the state of affairs more clearly if less tersely.
My own family is certainly connected with the family at Snainton – My 5th great grandfather being born there between 1645 and 1650 (I have not got the exact date).
That your family and that at Snainton are also connected is, I believe, clearly witnessed by the Christian name of Francis being found in both, being peculiar to them, and so characteristic of them.
But the Barrys (or “Barre’s” to give an early spelling) were at Snainton temp Henry VII and Henry VIII.
It is quite true that at present “no evidence is left of any connection between the Barrys of Torlaston Notts and my own family in Yorkshire”. But connections between the two families is till pointed to, and is the only likely one; - While the linkage Hugh Barry of Toraston Notts ……. William Barry of Snainton Pickering-lithe Yorkshire remains far from unlikely.
Evidence in respect to the matter may turn up at the Nottinghamshire end at any time, as research in connection with the Torlaston Barrys is till proceeding.

Yours sincerely
Charles Alfred Barry.

P.S. I think we can put it that the surname of Barry was undoubtedly borne by a Norman family who “owned the island of Barry and property on the neighbouring coast of Glamorgan in the time of Stephen or Henry II, took their name from the island, and probably came from Normandy about Stephen’s time or not long before: - and were so far “French”.


1929: March 11th

To: L. D. Dunnington Jefferson – Flat 12, 14 Campden house Court, Kensington, London, W8.
From: Rev Charles Alfred Barry - High Street, Boston Spar, Yorkshire.

Dear Mrs Dunnington Jefferson.
I think it is quite clear that a Thomas Barry of Tollerton, Notts, the son of John & Matilda Barry of that place, sold out there to a kinsman in 1330, and is found an under-forester in Pickering Forest in 1336, a tenant on the lands of William de Pickering. (The fact that William de Pickering and his brother and hair the Dean of York held a mortgage on the Manor of Teversal between 1303 and 1328 is an interesting mark of the concern with Notts’ of the Pickering Family about that time).

I also think, that with the exception of two newcomers, (one, from Santry co Dublin, settled about 1690 in Hull & Wauldby, the other from London, settled about 1760 at Easingwold) – I think it may be safely said, that, with these exceptions, every Barry family in Yorkshire up to say 1760, was descendant from Thomas Barry mentioned above.

The connection with the family at Snainton seem to have run thus….

Thomas Barry

As above
Richard Barry (His son) mentioned in 1336
(?John) Barry  
William Barry Will 1460
John Barry See proceeding Will
John Barry Living at Snainton Dec 26, 1497 – apparently the first Barry to live there.
John Barry = Isabell Will 1538
John Barry See Preceding Will
John Barry  
William Barry = Joan Stuntington Will 1618

This William and Joan Barry left 5 sons

John, Stuntington, Robert, Simon & Francis (this last a minor in 1618)
John was my 7th Great Grandfather and I feel confident that your family also spring from one of these sons though I cannot trace the connection (as I said before, the Christian name of Francis processed by both, is a convincing link to me).

I remain – Yours Truly – Charles Albert Barry.

You like a note of the Tollerton part. You will see that its beginning links to Wales.

Richard Barri

(his father was perhaps Ralph Barrè (of Tollerton in 1138) his grandfather was certainly Ranulf de Insula (Insula = Barry Island off Cardiff) and his grandmother was Matilda Malabirose)
Ralph Barry  
Ralph Barry  
Ralph Barry  
John Barry = Matilda  

Thomas Barry at Tollerton Will 1330 (see over page

Below was a separate document on Thicket Priory headed note paper
Iit is written in pencil - we assume in the hand of Lady Isobel Dunnington-Jefferson.

Extract from Mercer Chronical


Thomas Warren Mercer born 1797 - Married Sept 2nd 1819 – Died Dec 24th 1876.
The Revd Thomas Warren Mercer was:
Chaplain of St Thomas Hospital - 1824-32
Rector of Weeley - 1836-49
Vicar of Northallerton Yorkshire – 1849-1876
Married Sarah Camell Butcher, daughter of Robert Butcher of the Grove, Bungay an heiress
She died 1871


Letitia Mercer born Aug 16th 1823
Married: Rev John Barry Rector of Great Smeaton Yorkshire, who died 1867 from there
John Warren Barry
Louisa Dorothy who married 1882 Captain Mervin Dunnington Jefferson

In a separate envelope were the following four pages – They have no date.

Page: 1

The suggestion that Robert Barry, bap 1684 very likely married Oliver of Ruston in the parish of Wykeham was the most probable explanation of how any post-Cromwellian Barry could have come by the Christian name of Oliver – i.e. through a Mother’s surname. But an earlier Oliver Barry has cropped up – viz Will (at York Registry)
May 16, 1624 Barr Oliver. Witherisse par Hamebie , Apr 21st, 1624.
Hamby-Witheris is in Spennithorne Parish close to Weyburn and close also to the house or hamlet of Tunstall in Catterick parish.
The Will. 1650/1 Bundle Barre Edward Harmby Witheris in Harmby Mar 26 1650 is no doubt that of his son and hair.
Edward is not a frequent Barry name and hence the following descent seems clear.

Robert Barre married Janet unknown
Robert and Janet had children:
[1] John ad 1592 – john married Hessie
[2] William – Will 1618 at Kirk Ella, Yorkshire – William married Alice unknown – they had two children Phillip and Isabell – Isabell married Thomas Smith - Alice left a Will in 1629 at Kirk Ella, Yorkshire.
[3] Thomas
[4] Edward – Edward had a son Oliver – Will 1624 at Harmby, Yorkshire – Oliver had a son Edward – Will 1651
[5] Dorothy – Dorothy married John Blackburne – Dorothy and John had two daughters – Dorothy and Alice.

The following baptism is at Egton 1693 Oct 14th – Edward son of Edward Barry
(The younger Edward would probably be the Edward Barry drowned (Whitby) 1717.

Entry from Pull Book: To hand 1807 Freehold Tunstall – John Barry – Ship builder – Residence Whitby.

George is also a rare Barry name – but here are two instances:
George born 1585 at Snainton – Will 1623/4 at Skipton married Ellinor unknown
George and Ellinor had a son – Stephen (A minor at his father’s death – named after Stephen Tempest.

This Stephen probably father to the following

George Barry born 1679 Gaisdale – died 1690 parish of Danby

George had a son John Barry who married Margaret unknown - John died in 1722 and Margaret died in 1726.
John and Margaret had three daughters

[1] Mary – married Thomas Horwood
[2] Elizabeth married Robert Flotherby
[3] Anne married Mr Bulmer

A Robert Barry was living in Glaisdale two years after above
Margaret Barry died – Egton Register
1728 baptism Jane daughter of Robert Barry Glaisdale – Possibly this Robert Barry was the Robert Barry born Snainton 1684.

Our great grandfather Robert Barry had a daughter Jane born 1768.

One of the Barrys of Snainton married a Coates in 1746 as a Pursgrove had done before him in 1725

It looks as if your great, great Grandfather probably lived at Sleights, Ugglebarnby or Smeaton while serving his apprenticeship with the coats, before he succeeded to the moiety off the Bagdale Shipyard, that Benjamin Coates had before it was divided.

The widow of Phillip Pursgrove of Hawsker married a Thomas Hall for her second husband – I suppose the Thomas Hall who Married Mr Robert Barry’s daughter Elizabeth would be their son.

The Nobles (Mark Noble, was witness to your great, great Grandfather’s Will) lived at Ugglebarnby, perhaps before Whitby and before that came, if I remember right from Cumberland.

The only families of Barre in Yorkshire in Henry VIII’s reign were at Kirk Ella and Snainton. I am glad they stuck pretty steadily by the old form of the surname until 1650.

The Brompton Pickering lithe Registers yield the following particulars in respect to a Robert Barry of Snainton in that parish.

Robert Barry (died 1696) married Ann unknown (died 1714)
Robert and Ann had children:

[1] Robert – baptised 1680 – buried 1680
[2] Anne – baptised 1682
[3] Robert – baptised 1684
[4] Mary – baptised 1687
[5] Elizabeth – baptised 1688

I think inquiry would probably show that this Robert Barry (baptised 1684) married and Oliver of Ruston in the parish of Wykeham, which neighbours on that of Brompton and that your great, great grandfather the Robert Barry of Whitby who married Dorothy Easterby of Whitby was their son.

The Robert Barry who married Ann unknown was probably an elder brother of my great grandfather Richard Barry.

The Barrys of Snainton first appear there in Henry VII’s reign and seem to link on with those of Tollerton, Notts, descended from Rodolphus Barre, who held that place 1139.

Yours sincerely Charles Alfred Barry
High Street, Booston Spa, Yorkshire.

Compiled by Rev. Charles Alfred Barry (1862-1930)

1928: January

To: Miss E. E. Barry –
Some Barry notes: -

The first few page of the ‘Red Book’ have been joined together to make a family tree (above) – it is not possible to create a legible graph using Microsoft Word to add to this document so a transcription of the Tree is below – It should be noted Charles compiled this in 1927, since then we can add much more to it.

Barry of Bagdale, Whitby & Fyling Hall

Robert Barry – b. 1719 – d. 1793 = married Dorothy Easterby – b. 1725 – d. 1783
Robert and Dorothy had children:
[01] Elizabeth Barry – b. 1746 – d. 1810 = married Thomas Hall
[02] John Barry – b. 1749 – d. 1750
[03] Mary Barry – b. 1752 – d. 1809 = married in 1776 to Christopher Graven – b. 1740 – d. 1791
[04] Robert Barry – b. 1753 – died?
[05] Francis Barry – b. 1757 – d. 1757
[06] John Barry – b. 1759 – d. 1837 = married in 1788 to Hannah Waite – b. 1764 – d. 1840
John & Hannah had children:
[1a] Hannah Barry b. 1789 – died? = married William Brodrick
[2a] John Barry – b. 1790 – d. 1832
[3a] Eliza Barry – b. 1791 – died?
[4a] Robert Barry – b. 1792 – d. 1871 = married in 1818 to Dorothy Heaviside – b. 1794 – d. 1823
Robert and Dorothy had children:
[1b] John Barry = married Letitia Mercer
John & Letitia had children:
[1c] John Warren Barry – b. 1851 – d. 1921
[2b] Robert Barry = married Mary Ann Page
[3b] Dorothy Barry
[5a] Jane Barry – b. 1794 – d. 1859 = married William Marshall
[6a] Maria Barry – b. 1796 – died?
[7a] Thomas Barry – b. 1797 – d. 1859
[8a] Maria Barry – b. 1800 – d. 1849 = married in 1827 to Henry Simpson
[9a] William Barry - b. 1802 = married Hannah……
William & Hannah had children:
[1b] George John Barry
[2b] Henry Barry
[07] Francis Barry b. 1762 – d. 1792 = married in 1784 to Elizabeth Waite – b. 1762 – d. 1820
Francis and Elizabeth had children:
[1a] Elizabeth Barry – b. 1785 – d. 1851
[2a] Dorothy Barry – b. 1786 – died

[3a] Robert Barry – b. 1788 – d. 1788
[4a] Francis Barry – b. 1790 – d. 1854 = married Frances Clark – b. 1797 – d. 1879
Francis and Frances had children:
[1b] Francis Thomas Barry = married Matilda Wilson
Francis and Frances had children:
[1c] Dorothy Ann Barry
[08] Dorothy Barry – b. 1764 – d. 1794 = married in 1794 to James Wake
[09] Ann Barry – b. 1766 – died? = married in 1789 to Stephen Elerby
[10] Jane Barry – b. 1768 – died? = married in 1790 to George Croft

1793: February – WILL – ROBERT BARRY of Whitby; Shipwright

To son, JOHN BARRY: silver Coffee pott & stand, the new silver Pint, the Clock.
To grandson, FRANCIS BARRY: silver Tankard with lidd.
To granddaughter, DOROTHY BARRY: the old silver Pint.
To daughter, DOROTHY BARRY: silver Waiter and silver Tankard.
To daughter, ANN, wife of STEPHENSON ELLERBY: silver Tankard.
To daughter JANE, wife of ROBERT CROFT: silver Tankard.

All rest of household goods, plate, beds, linen and furniture to said three daughters DOROTHY, ANN, & JANE, to be equally divided among them.

All houses or tenements, lands, my houses or tenements, land, hereditaments and premises with appurtenances (value £350): to said son JOHN BARRY and his heirs etc: charged first however with payment of £50 to DOROTHY, ANN and JANE severally: £50 to daughter ELIZABETH, the wife of WILLIAM HALL, £50 daughter MARY CRAVEN, widow, £25 grandson Francis and £25 to granddaughter DOROTHY when they reach 21.

All else to be divided into 7 equal parts, 1 to DOROTHY, 1 to JANE, 1 to ELIZABETH, 1 to MARY, 1 to ANN less £100 paid since her marriage, 1 to JOHN: and remaining part in trust for DOROTHY and FRANCIS, children of ELIZABETH along with the £25 to same aforesaid.

To John, Pew in Whitby Church; he paying 5 daughters £4 each and two …….. grandchildren £2 each.

Also to JOHN and 5 daughters 1/7 each of £100 deducted from Ann’s share: and the other 1/7 to DOROTHY and FRANCIS.



Robert Barry was probably the son of a John Barry of Guisborough (d. 1759-60) survived by his widow Elizabeth. * That Robert Barry sprang from the family at Snainton in the parish of Brompton Pickering-lithe, I have no doubt, the name “Francis” being so characteristic of them. But I have not found any trace of a connection there after 1678 (to which date I searched back) unless Robert Barry (see notes below) were such. It would be worthwhile to inquire whether any Baptism of a Robert Barry occurs in the Guisborough Church Registers about 1718/9. Perhaps, also whether they contain any Baptismal entry of an Oliver Barry about 1706/7.

It will be noted that in Robert Barrys Will, Thomas Hall is given as William Hall, and George Croft as “Robert” Croft. (Probably he was accustomed to addressing them by their surnames). The register
entries, however clearly establish their identity.

* OR the son of Robert Barry baptised at Brompton 1684, but apparently living later at Guisborough

An “Oliver Barry” was one witness of Robert Barrys Will. The following pedigree, therefore, may be of interest.

1728 – Oliver Barry = married at Sneaton [1] Elizabeth Noble – [2] Isabel unknown b. 1700 - d. 1788 (burial Entry)
Oliver and Elizabeth had children:

[1] Oliver Barry = married Johannah (? Clark)
Oliver and Johannah had children:

[1a] Robert Barry - b. 1779 - d.1865 = married Isabella
Robert & Isabella had children:
[1b] Oliver Barry - b. 1804
[2b] Francis Clerk Barry - b. 1810 - d. 1812
[3b] Mary Ann Clerk Barry - b. 1813 = married in 1837 Moore Clough Parker - b.1812
[4b] Robert Barry - b. 1817
[2a] Oliver Barry - b. 1784 - d. 1804
[3a] Johanna Barry - b. 1786
[4a] Mary Barry - b. 1788
[5a] Ann Barry - b. 1791
[6a] William Barry - b. 1794
[7a] Elizabeth Barry - b. 1800 - d. 1813
[2] Elizabeth Barry - b. 1733 died?
[3] Susannah Barry - b. 1733 - d. 1778 = married George Selby
[4] Isabella Barry - b. 1741 - d. 1747

It will be noted an Oliver Barry, married in 1728, an Elizabeth Noble, at Steaton – a Mark Noble being another witness to the before mentioned Robert Barrys (1725) Will.
There was a William Noble, Snainton, yeoman, buried at Ebberston in 1672: and a Mark (probably Mother’s Surname) Noble of Aisbaby, whose Will was proved 1754, his sons William and Mathew Noble being the executors.

Thomas Waite and Hannah his wife of Scarborough were married there in 1761, their two daughters Hannah and Elizabeth married respectively John Barry in 1788 and Francis Barry in 1784 sons od Robert Barry (1725) – Francis Barry being a Master Mariner at the time (probably on one of his father’s ships). Thomas Waite was the 3rd Witness of Robert Barrys (1725) Will.

[A York Will gives June 14th 1621 (proved) Coates James Sainton (i.e = Swinton) gentleman (born Amotherby) Nov 27, 1620 (male). Another – Apr 19, 162 Coates Jamie Rillington widow Sept 18, 1620. Probably these Coates and those at Whitby were kin]

James Coates on about 1740 field TWO shipyards as one, nearest to Bagdale Beck at Whitby, being succeeded by his son Benjamin Coates soon after 1750. Robert Barry, in turn, succeeded Benjamin Coates a to the ONE of the two shipyards, namely that adjacent to Bagdale Beck. As Robert Barry is described in the baptismal registers of his children 1746 onward simply as "Carpenter" until 1757, when this is changed to "Ship-Builder" - while the entry 1760 gives "Ship-Wright", and after "Ship-Builder"appears regularly - Robert Barry seems clearly to have succeeded Benjamin Coates by 1762, if not by 1757 when he had 'passed through the yard' and finished his apprenticeship - To change place and avocation from countryside and country life, so exactly at the turn of the tide, called for exceptional gifts of insight and of character.

It may perhaps be added that a William Pursglove (1) of Hawsker in the parish of Whitby married an Isobel Coats in 1725: as did John Barry of Snainton and Elizabeth Coates in 1746. A Philip Pursglove (2) of Hawsker left a widow Elizabeth who married for 2nd husband Thomas Hall, and a Thomas Hall (no doubt their son) married Elizabeth the eldest child of Robert Barry (1725). John Barry of Fylingdales (Charles Alfred Barrys Gt, Gt, Gt grandfather) married in 1748 Jane Pursglove, who was probably the daughter of the William Pursglove (1) and sister of the Philip Pursglove (2) above mentioned.

John Barry - b. 1728 = married in 1748 at Hawsker, Jane Pursglove - b. 1727
John & Jane had a son: - [1] Pursglove Barry

Phillip Pursglove* - d.1738 = married Elizabeth unknown - d. 1798
Phillip & Elizabeth had a son: - [1] Phillip Pursglove of Hawsker

Elizabeth died in 1738 - Elizabeth remarried to Thomas Hall
Elizabeth died about 1798 and Thomas Hall married Elizabeth Barry - b. 1746 - d. 1810
Elizabeth Barry was the product of Robert Barry - b. 1719 - d. 1793 and Dorothy Easterby b. 1725 - d. 1783

* The Pursgloves were of the same stock as Robert Pursglove last Prior of Guisborough about 1579.
A Thomas Hall was a witness to two Wills
Aug 5, 1538 John Barre Snainton parish of Brompton Pickering-lithe (made Jun 8, 1538)
Mar 9, 1546/7 William Barree (Barre in Will) Snainton parish of Brompton Pickering-lithe (made Nov 16, 1546)

Also a Will Jun 1742 Francis Barry of Wirkham Grange in Wirkham husbandman, mentions his cousin Robert Hall.
[Will Jun 22 1581 Hall Robert, Snaynton parish Brompton Apr 29, 1581)

The Whitby registers afford:
“Baptism 1725 May2 Dorothy daughter of Andrew Easterby Ehitby”
(One of the witnesses of Christopher Craven’s marriage was Margaret Easterby.”

Relevant Entries – Whitby Registers



1746: Jul 6 – Elizabeth Barry daughter of Robert Barry a Carpenter, Whitby
1749: Dec 27 – John son of Robert Barry, Carpenter, Whitby
1752: Mary daughter of Robert Barry, Carpenter, Whitby
1753: Oct 7 - Robert son of Robert Barry, Carpenter, Whitby
1757: Jun 13 – Francis son of Robert Barry, Shipbuilder, Whitby
1759: Jan 30 – John Barry – born May 11th 1759 - son of Robert Barry, Shipwright, Whitby
1762: Mar 14 – Francis Barry born Apr 2, 1761 – son of Robert Barry, Shipbuilder, Whitby
1765: Jan 30 – Dorothy Barry born May 22, 1764 – daughter pf Robert Barry, Shipbuilder, Whitby
1767: Feb 10 – Ann Barry born May 25, 1766 – daughter of Robert Barry, Shipbuilder, Whitby
1768: Jul 22 – Jane Barry – daughter of Robert Barry, Carpenter and his wife Dorothy of Whitby
1789: Jul 8 – Hannah Barry – daughter of John Barry, Shipbuilder and his wife Hannah of Whitby
1790: Oct 5 – John Barry – son of John Barry, Shipbuilder and Hannah his wife of Whitby
1791: Sep 16 – Eliza Barry – daughter of John Barry, Shipbuilder and Hannah his wife or Whitby
1792: Dec 27 – Robert Barry – don of John Barry, Shipbuilder and Hannah his wife of Whitby
1794: Jul 11 – Jane Barry – daughter of John Barry, Shipbuilder and Hannah his wife of Whitby
1796: Jun 23 – Maria Barry – daughter of John Barry, Shipbuilder and Hannah his wife of Whitby
1797: Oct 24 – Thomas Barry born Oct 18, 1797 – son of John Barry, Shipbuilder and Hannah his wife of Whitby
1800: June 9 – Maria Barry – son of John Barry, Shipbuilder and Hannah his wife of Whitby
1802: - Mar 27 – William Barry born Feb 28, 1802 – son of John Barry, Shipbuilder and Hannah his wife of Whitby
1786: Oct 2 – Dorothy Barry – daughter of Francis Barry, Master Mariner and Elizabeth his wife of Whitby
1788: Jan 18 – Robert Barry – son of Francis Barry, Shipbuilder and Elizabeth his wife of Whitby
1790: Dec 19 – Francis Barry – son of Francis Barry, Shipbuilder and Elizabeth his wife of Whitby

1791: Sept 16 – Eliza daughter of John & Hannah Barry (Ship-Builder) Whitby.
1792: Dec 27 – Robert, son of John & Hannah Barry (Ship-Builder) Whitby
1794: July 11 – Jane Barry daughter of John & Hannah Barry (Ship-Builder) Whitby
1796: June 23 – Maria Barry daughter of John & Hannah Barry (Ship-Builder) Whitby
1797: Oct 24 – Thomas Barry born Oct 18th 1797 - son of John & Hannah Barry (Ship-Builder) Whitby
1800: Jun 9 – Maria Barry daughter of John & Hannah Barry (Ship-Builder) Whitby
1802: Mar 7 – William Barry – born Feb 28th Feb 1802 - son of John & Hannah Barry (Ship-Builder) Whitby

1786: Oct 2 – Dorothy Barry - daughter of Francis & Elizabeth (Master Mariner) born Whitby
1788: Jan 18 – Robert Barry – son of Francis * Elizabeth Barry (Ship-Builder) Whitby
1790: Dec 19 – Francis Barry – son of Francis & Elizabeth Barry (Ship-Builder) Whitby



1776: Dec 21 – Christopher Craven, Mariner age 31 to Mary Barry age 23 by Licence
Witness: Margaret Easterby – Ann Craven and John Craven
1784: Oct 31 – Francis Barry, Master Mariner age 22 to Elizabeth Waite age 22 of Whitby by Licence
Witness: Dorothy Barry and John Barry
1788: Aug 24 – John Barry, Shipbuilder age 28 to Hannah Waite age 24 of Whitby by Licence
Witness: Dorothy Barry etc.
1789: Dec 6 – Stephenson Ellerby, Master Mariner age 23 to Ann Barry age 23
1790: Aug 23 – George Croft, painter to Jane Barry …….. Witness: John Barry and Dorothy Barry
Witness: John Barry and Dorothy Barry
1794: Jan 16 – James Wake, Lighterman age 25 to Dorothy Barry, spinster age 25
1818: Oct 24 – Robert Barry of Whitby Esq to Dorothy Heaviside of Stokesly
1827: Dec 11 – Henry Simpson Esq to Maria Barry, younger daughter of John Barry Esq.


Burials [some]

1750: Mar 8 – John son of Robert Barry, Carpenter of Whitby
1757: Sep 25 – Francis son of Robert Barry, Shipbuilder of Whitby
1783: date? – Dorothy Barry - age 58 - wife of Robert Barry, Master Builder of Whitby
1788: Feb 12 – Robert Barry - age 2weeks – son of Francis Barry, Shipbuilder and Elizabeth his wife
1793: Jan 21 – Robert Barry, shipbuilder age 74 of Whitby
1794: Nov 30 – Dorothy Wake wife of James Wake, lighterman age 30 of Whitby
1810: Jun 11 – Elizabeth Hall wife of Thomas Hall, Carpenter age 63 of Whitby
1820: Dec 19 – Elizabeth Barry age 59 of Bagdale
1823: Apr 21 – Dorothy Barry age 28 of Shipyards
1832: Sep 24 – John Barry age 42 of Bagdale
1837: Feb 3 – John Barry age 77 of Bagdale
1855: Oct 1 – Francis Barry age 64 of Lythe
1859: Aug 16 – Thomas Barry age 61 of Fylingdales


Monumental Inscriptions (Whitby)

Alter Tomb: South Chancel Block
Dorothy Barry who died Oct 8th aged 58 also to Robert Barry Shipbuilder who died Jan 18th 1793 aged 75 years.

Headstone South of Chancel
In Loving Memory of Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Hall and daughter of Robert and Dorothy Barry on June 8, 1810 age 61

Headstone South Chancel Block
In loving memory of Christopher Graven who died Feb 26th 1791 aged 50 also Mary his wife and daughter of Robert and Dorothy Barry who died Sept 27 1809 aged 57 years

Marble, South Wall of Church
Sacred to the memory of John Barry Esq who died Nov 26th 1837 aged 78 also John son of the above who died Sept 6th 1832 aged 41 years also Hannah wife of the above John Barry Esq who died Mar 8th 1840 aged 76 years.

Brass, South of Chancel Walk
In memory of Francis son of Francis and Elizabeth Barry who died Sept 28th 1854 aged 64
Elizabeth daughter of Francis and Elizabeth Barry who died March 5th 1857 aged 67
Elizabeth Barry who died Dec 12th 1820 age 59.

Headstone, East of Chancel
In memory of Dorothy wife of James Wake and daughter of Robert and Dorothy Barry who died Nov 26th 1794 aged 30 years.

Marble, South Wall of Church
Sacred to the memory of Dorothy the wife of Robert Barry who died April 14th 1823 aged 29 also above Robert Barry who died Sept 30th 1871 aged 75 years.
Railed Ledger, near Porch
In memory of Thomas Barry Esq who died Aug 9th 1859 aged 62 also Robert Barry Esq who died Sept 30th 1871 aged 78.

Railed Ledger, East Block
Sacred to the memory of Maria wife of Henry Simpson youngest daughter of John Barry Esq who died Dec 10th 1849 aged 50

Marble South Wall of Church
In memory of Revd John Barry M. A. Rector of Great Smeaton eldest son of Robert and Dorothy Barry died Aug 18th 1856 aged 37 years and buried there.



The Memory of the Just is Blessed


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