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Richard's Line
1796 John
1804 William
1808 Samuel
1832 Richard
1834 John

John's Line
1754 John
1795 Samuel
1820 William
1826 John
1850 Alfred James
1861 Walter William
1869 William Aldis
1912 Alfred



Tolman's of Norfolk

Some of the following information was kindly supplied by Dorothy Dennis and Fenella Rook Smith
Others records that appear to be related have been filled in from files found on the internet - They can be found HERE
However they need to be checked.

1722: Richard Tallman married Susan Halloday on Apr 14, 1722 at Pakenham (Suffolk). .
Richard and Susan had children:

[1] 1723: Richard Tallman - baptised Feb 16, 1723 at Walsham le Willows (Suffolk) - son of Richard and Susan

[2] 1726: Mary Tallman - baptised Aug 28, 1726 at Walsham le Willows (Suffolk) - son of Richard and Susan

[3] 1730: David Tallman - baptised Apr 12, 1730 at Walsham le Willows (Suffolk) - father Richard
David died in 1731 at Lomtham? and was buried on Nov 05 at Walsham le Willows

[4] 1732: Peter Talman - baptised Jul 09, 1721 at Walsham le Willows (Suffolk) - son of Richard and Susan
Peter died in 1734 and was buried Jul 20 at Walsham le Willows

[5] 1734: John Talman - baptised May 26, 1734 at Walsham le Willows (Suffolk) - son of Richard and Susanna

[6] 1736: Henery Tallman - baptised Feb 13, 1736 at Walsham le Willows (Suffolk) - son of Richard and Susan
Henry died in 1737 and was buried Aug 04 or 24? at Walsham le Willows

Susan Talman died in 1749 and was buried April 26 at - A married woman wife of Richard
1746: Richard Talman (1723) married Mary Sparrow at Norton on Nov 21 or 27? 1746.
At their children's baptism in Wattisfield Independent Chapel, Suffolk, the parson, Thomas Harmer, witnessed their "signatures" as 'TOLMAN' and it was never changed.
Richard and Mary had children:
[1] 1747: Mary Tolman baptised Oct 25, 1747 at Norton Suffolk daughter of Richard and Mary

[2] 1749: Susanna Tolman baptised Aug 27, 1749 at Suffolk daughter of Richard and Mary

[3] 1751: Richard Talman (later Tolman) baptised Jun 18, 1751 at Wattisfield Independent Chapel

[4] 1755: John Talman (later Tolman)
baptised Feb 21, 1755 at Wattisfield Independent Chapel - son of Richard and Mary

[5] 1757: * Samuel Talman baptised Mar 15, 1757 at Watersfield (Suffolk) - son of Richard and Mary
The villages of Wattisfield, Norton, Walsham le Willows and Pakenham are situated between Diss and Bury St Edmunds some 40 plus miles from Carbrooke, Norfolk ......

Records then take us to the Watton area of Norfolk where Richard and John Tolman settled for reasons unknown at this time. Although Richard is recorded at first as living in Thompson, by the year 1803 he had moved to Carbrooke where John was living.
Both Richard and John Tolman are the origin of all the Tolman families from the Watton area of Norfolk.

* Did Samuel Tolman (1757) or a son Samuel go to live in the Kings Lynn area as there is a baptism record of a Samuel Tolman in Wiggenhall in 1826 and 1828 the son of Samuel Tolman and his wife Mary. There is also a burial record at West Lynn in 1843 of a Samuel Tolman aged 64 which would give a birth date of 1779.



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